Saturday, August 14, 2010

What did you eat this summer?

It's summertime and all we want to do is eat, drink and sleep.  For me that means eat junk food, drink lots of liquor and sleeping in! Well, I don't eat much junk food but when you're invited to a barbeque or a family party and you're throwing a dinner party in your backyard, it's so much easier to slip up and forget about watching what you intake!
Of course, along with all that said is a Pastis in one hand and a glass of wine in the other-yes, I'm guilty and I forget to drink water!
After coming back from France and eating all the cheese....well, I feel like I haven't had any energy and I have to get back into the groove of things.

This is why my friend, Margarita, who is a certified health coach, is here to remind me of just that.  She can help you balance your lifestyle and reach your health goals while still enjoying life. I suggest you subscribe to her newsletter to get these Healthy Tips.  Click here to start!

Help, Margarita, I just came back from France!!!!

Tomorrow, August 15th,  is the Feast of the Assumption, it's a Catholic holiday that is highly celebrated in many countries.  We have dinner guests coming over tomorrow but we are going to keep it "simple and healthy" by serving a shrimp and vegetable appetizer, lightly deep fried smelt, a fish entree accompanied by my famous Ratatouille, and some fresh strawberries and melon for dessert....well, okay....I'm going to make a Cherry Clafoutis too. So, the next time you throw a dinner party, remember to keep it balanced by adding lots of fruits and vegetables in the mix. Thanks, Margarita, for keeping me on track!

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