Sex Tips

Summer Sex Tip

Frozen treats....You can enhance your sexual experience with ice cubes! For example you can insert it in your mouth while stimulating her with oral pleasure or let the water drip from your hand and onto her....use your imagination.
She can do the same for you! Here are some fun shaped ice cub

This sleek hand-blown glass massager will take you to new heights! Designed for comfort, your Tapered Teaser can be used chilled or heated up. Simply put it in the freezer for a cool refreshing sensation or run it under hot water to get things heated up! This non-porous glass is hygienic and easy to sterilize after you've had your fun!

Cleaning Tip
Be sure to clean your toys before and after use to prevent the spread of infections and disease. Silicone toys can be set in boiling water for 2 minutes or run through your dishwasher. Rubber toys absorb more dirt than silicone, so a condom should be used. Do not submerge battery-operated or electric to
ys in water. Be careful not to let water get inside the vibe.

Question of the Week

Do men think sex means relationship? Everyone has different point of's our input...share your thoughts...Today, sex is not always equal to a serious relationship for men. You have to understand that guys look at these two concepts differently. Where women usually associate sex with emotions, men are more apt to look at the deed as it is - something that is done for pleasure.

Did you Know?

Do you know that there is a smiley face on the tip of the rabbit pearl? The smiley face was actually a result of conservative Japanese customs. When the Japanese created this, their Japanese consumers frowned upon "the production of sex toys that too closely resemble phalluses", so the smiley face was added! There are now many rabbit pearls to choose from...different colors, different lengths, and different is the original one...

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