Saturday, August 21, 2010


Looking through my old stuff, I found some wonderful postcards that I have collected along the years.  Every time I visit a place, I buy a postcard and write my travel journal on the back about that particular place and that particular moment.  It's a great way to put a memory down.  I have plenty of postcards that I found of the places I visited in Europe, Polynesia, South America and Asia. I even found ones of Canada and ones throughout the United States!  My favorite ones are the ones my friends sent me.  Here's a cute one from my pen pal in Japan....because of this, I found her again on facebook!

I even had a co-worker who used to collect those free postcards at the cafes and actually make something fun out of it by cutting and pasting pictures of her friends on it! She would give it to us on our birthdays or Christmas or "just because".

When my friends or family would ask me what I wanted as a souvenir from the place they were about to visit, I would just answer "A postcard!" It's such a great memory!  Looking at them just reminds me of the foods I ate, the way the place made me feel - it just really helps me to remember that place!  Until this day, I continue to collect them and I store them in a postcard album, it shows me the picture on one side and what is written on the other.  Sometimes I use them as bookmarks....when I run into a postcard and I read the back, it really puts a smile on my face!

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