Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yum.....local Hawaiian food...

I do miss Local Food!  I must go to a Hawaiian restaurant real soon..... Hawaiian food is a mix of the cultures; Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese & Korean.  Did I miss any?

Here are some of my favorites!

Lomi Lomi Salmon Recipe

Lomi means massage in Hawaiian and you will see how that name applies to this recipe.


8 oz. salted salmon fillet
fresh tomatoes, peeled and diced
1 medium Maui onion or any mild onion or 3-4 thinly sliced green onions
This is the basic recipe for Lomi Lomi Salmon, you can add additional ingredients based on personal taste for ie; pepper flakes or Hawaiian red chili peppers and lime.
Wash hands thoroughly.  Shred the salmon into small pieces with your hands.  Add onions & tomatoes.  Massage this mixture with your hands until all ingredients are broken up and thoroughly mixed.  Chill.

If you can only find unsalted salmon, rub the salmon with rock or kosher salt and let stand overnight. Rinse thoroughly and soak in cold water for at least one hour, changing water a few times.

Loco Moco  

Hawaiian comfort food.......ono!

Ingredients for 2 big servings:
Ground beef to make hamburger patties, us locals don't use lean because we like the fat!
Onions - optional
Salt/pepper to taste
4 eggs
hot cooked white rice

1 cup beef broth
Flour for thickening
1 tb butter
couple of dashes of Worchestershire sauce

Make rice, make hamburger patties, make gravy, cook up the eggs and put it all together!

I think my husband wonders why I eat rice when I make him the French version of this! 

French version is called Steak Hache' same ol' recipe minus the gravy and rice!
Eat with ketchup like my French hubby or ketchup and hot sauce, like me!

Here are some other typical Local Food......delish!

Don't have a recipe for the Lau Lau because I never made it.  I would if I only knew where to buy the damn Taro leaves around here.  Basically it's  pork or chicken wrapped in taro leaves, steamed!  Oh so good with rice!
Pork Lau Lau

Well, you can look up the recipe on line for the Kalbi, if I give away my secret ingredient, my friend Heejin and Esther won't like that!  It's a Korean secret!


Everyone knows how to make Saimin!  Secret ingredient:  Dashi powder......from there - add what you like....wonton, strips of beef, boiled egg....and for those of you who doesn't know what that pink thing is in the picture, well it's Fish Cake!

Spam & Egg Masubi

 Typical Hawaiian snack or get the picture!  Easy to make!

Steamed Manapua

Macaroni Salad

Don't ask me to make this, to me it seems really difficult!  Usually filled with a meat, mostly chinese sausage and spices.

Don't forget the scoop of Macaroni Salad and 2 scoops of rice!

deep fried in oil!

Oh and last but not least......Malasadas, the Hawaiian Donut!  Well the recipe is no different from the French Beignets...except Beignets is covered with powdered sugar.  Use your imagination and fill them up with cream or chocolate, or dip them like fondue.

I hope you enjoyed your eating experience in Hawaii....I guess I forgot to add chorizo, poi, taro (oh my how I miss Taro buns) or kalua pork but that'll be another day, for now I just named a few local dishes that you can enjoy at home!  Don't forget to play the music in the background for the ambiance AND eat with a plastic fork - just's a local joke.....


Now sing with me:
Fish & Poi,
I'm a big boy,
Lomi salmon, pipi kaula,
extra large lilikoi,
squid & chicken lu'au,
don't forget the laulau
beef & tripe stew,
just to name a few
oh yeah!!!

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