Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bridal Indian Mask

Okay ladies, this mask came from's known that bride to be's use this daily for a week until the wedding day to get that natural glow, it's ritual in India for all brides.  So let's try this at home and do it once a week.  Do it on your spa day chez toi or on a really hot day like today - the cooling mask refreshes my skin and the Tumeric Powder is a natural antiseptic.


Sesame Oil
Chickpea Flour
Tumeric Powder
Almond Oil

Yogurt - for normal to oily skin
Milk - for dry skin

Ingredients for Indian Mask

Slab on a bit of Sesame Oil on your face and let it soak in...since I'm doing my Watermelon fast today  the Sesame Oil is smelling kinda good right about now and I'm dreaming of Asian food.....

Mix the Chickpea Flour and Tumeric Powder together in equal parts (just enough to cover your face).

Half of this amount should be just fine!

Mix a little bit of yogurt or milk and the almond oil.  Make sure the consistency is thick and pasty like mud!

Now slab it on your face and let it dry...30 minutes should be good

Nice and Bright

Once it's dry, wash it off with a face cloth and water.  I did it over the kitchen sink because I was afraid it'll clog my bathroom sink since there's no strainer. face feels so fresh and clean and glowing!  Now put away the ingredients until next week - at least you can still use these ingredients for cooking...well, maybe not the Almond Oil. 

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